5 Things that Thai People Do and (for the Life of Me) I Have No Idea Why

These are 5 things that Thai people do and (for the life of me) I have no idea why! If you know the reason for any of them please do let me know to help me add more meaning to my life 😀

1) Thais spell and pronounce yoga like “yoka”, though they do have the “g” letter and sound in their alphabet.
2) Thais don’t put space between the words. I get it. After a while you can recognize and tell apart words in your head automatically; but why make your lives (and foreigners’) hard if you can help it? 😀
3) Thais call the opposite words “near” and “far” the same word “glai”, except with different tones. Again, … (see above!)
4) Thais commonly eat meat for early breakfast, like BBQ pork skewers. A pile of meat for breakfast? 😀
5) Thais add “ka” (feminine) / “krapb” (masculine) or even worse “na ka” / “na krabp” to virtually every sentence spoken, which have absolutely no meaning. They say it makes them sound “soft” and “polite”. Can’t politeness be entirely inferred from body language? Is there a need to remind your audience every second that you’re being polite? 😀

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