A Sad Saint Is a Sad Saint Indeed

2015-04-24-Tutu-G02porA saint once said. Get it? An awakened soul cannot be drab, gloomy, or sad. If so then we have a sad (not a real) saint.

There is a danger for those of us who identify ourselves as being “on the path”. After a while we might start associating spirituality with outer renunciation, and becoming complacent, not engaging much with the outside world and what it has to offer. It is to develop a mental habit of labeling someone who shows a lot of enthusiasm for life and participating in it, one who wants to dance, take a chance, and taste the romance, as “worldly” and “off the path”.

The spiritual path is, indeed, an inward process. But it is also true that our outer being is a honest reflection of our inner state.

In truth, those “exuberant” type souls might be well ahead of those of us who have given up on most of the things life has to offer.

True saints aren’t disengaged and aloof from life. Far from it.

Yogananda, my guru, used to play tennis, probably simply because there were tennis courts at the building where he established his organization’s headquarters. He used to go jogging, take retreats to beaches and deserts, cook for friends and disciples, joke and laugh regularly. He said that age never diminished his enthusiasm for travel, and seeing new faces and places.

Take a look at Dalai Lama. His joyful and playful presences is super contagious. Here’s him at an EU assembly:

Those who find God, find Her inside. And then also find Her just as much outside also, in everyone and everything.

Bliss is the goal of life, Swami Kriyananda said. The closer you are to it, both your inner and outer life will reflect it. And bliss doesn’t hold back, or reject life. It embraces it with a full heart.

And these words from the lyrics in the country song Deliver Me by Katie Curtis:

“All the angels that I love, they don’t hang out above. They come down to deliver.”

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