Way to Bliss


About a year ago I had a few consecutive nights of blow-your-mindly amazing, most likely superconscious, dreams. The greatest one was when I saw my guru Yogananda, in the ecstatic state of Samadhi. What followed was even more unexpected.

As I was watching him in Samadhi, a feeling of love for him started to intensify within me. As my feeling of love took off towards infinity, I suddenly feel myself in the ecstatic state!

In perfect love, the lover and beloved merge into one, and thus his consciousness became mine. That’s how, in my dream, I was in the state he was. And no, I cannot describe the feeling I was feeling in that dream!

I think that night’s dream’s message for me was clear. The way to bliss isn’t through getting more and more advanced in the techniques, or sitting 18 hours a day in meditation, or even piercing through the veils of delusion and uncovering the hidden mysteries of life and death through unrelenting introspection and wisdom. My way to the ecstatic state of Samadhi is only by perfecting my love for my guru, and by extension by perfecting my love for the light in all beings.

Here is to Love.

Very difficult is it to behold, as you have done, the vision of divine universe. Its revelation however is not attained by penances, or by faithfulness to scripture, or by charities, or by for formal worship. O Arjuna, only by single-hearted devotion, achieved through deep yoga practice, is it possible to behold me and become one with me, as you have done.

—Bhagavad Gita 11.52

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