The Unexpected Obvious

adhomuka.jpgFor some two years now, I haven’t been able to really meditate. I sit in meditation 2-3 times a day, but as soon as I do, my restless body starts rocking and circling like a maniac, and my restless mind starts racing like a super maniac. More recently I haven’t been able to sleep well. I’ve been sleeping so badly, that Trump showed up in my dream the other night!

On Saturday, I got an unexpected suggestion from a dear friend Maitri:
– “Are you exercising enough?”
– “No, I haven’t really been working out my body for some two years now!”

Yep, for a couple of years I’ve been mostly working on a desk or my bed, on a laptop. Even though I teach yoga, I haven’t really been practicing daily yoga myself. Shame!

Yesterday, my soul friend Christina encouraged me to go on a hike in the snow. I sweated some sweet sweat, my energy lifted, and my mind and body was refreshed, and exhausted.

And this morning, I noticed a miracle in front of my (closed) eyes! I sat in meditation, and for the first time in a long long long long time, my body didn’t want to move. My mind was calm. I could meditate!

That’s when I fully grasped what has been happening. My body has been saying, all this time: “I can’t sit still. I haven’t moved enough!” My mind has been saying, all this time: “I can’t calm down. I haven’t been in out in nature to find mind-presence!” Duh.

Thank you dear friends. There is a happy boy here.

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