The Guru Is Here for You, Not the Other Way Around!


At first, it may sound like an egoistic thing to say. But it is true: the guru is for you, and not you for the guru!

The guru doesn’t need anything. The guru has already fulfilled the soul’s eternal promise. The guru is here for you and me. That much is well understood.

For many of us who are already devoted to a guru and a particular path of God-realization, it soon becomes evident that in this life our real work, most meaningful purpose, is serving the mission of the guru. So far so good.

But there is a danger here, especially for those of us who are already associated with a spiritual community or organization belonging to a guru. That is the danger of complacency, the danger of falling short of fulfilling one’s dharma in a lifetime.

We might get into thinking, “Oh I am already working for Yogananda’s organization, or Sivananda’s ashram, Vedanta Society, and so on. I’m serving my guru. That’s all I need. I’m all set!”

Not so. Unfortunately, that might not be what the guru thinks at all.

You see, each soul comes into each incarnation with a particular soul-call, a specific mission and dharma to fulfill. No matter what kind of great endeavor we get ourselves into, no duty for a soul is higher than that of fulfilling its deepest calling. There is a danger to forgo that soul-call, in the name of what we might perceive as a higher purpose, like wanting to serve the work of a master in whatever capacity one can.

Fortunately, our deepest soul-call, and what our guru’s will is for us are one and the same! That is because that will is the will of the same source. A soul, in its truest essence, as well as a true guru, both express no will but the will of one universal intelligence we call God.

Yes, we might say we are here for the guru, because we are commissioned to share the teachings with other souls, to help others fulfill their higher potentials. But the way each soul is to fulfill that duty most successfully is entirely individualized, and ultimately tied strongly with its deepest longings in a lifetime.

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