The Living Power of Earnest Supplication to a True Guru


I was visiting my uncle’s family in East Bay in Northern California after a long time. My other uncle from Iran was visiting them also. So as I was approaching their door step, I asked my guru Paramhansa Yogananda to be with me and this family in this visit. The guru’s presence and blessing could come in infinite subtle forms. Who knows. It’s not our job to figure out the details. It is our job to ask, earnestly for divine presence and assistance. But this time his blessings was as direct and tangible for us as it can get.

An hour after I had arrived I found us in front of the TV browsing through Netflix. A few movies had come up in our conversations and I guess that inspired the thought to check out a movie. All of a sudden I remembered that I had been wanting to watch again the Awake movie—a beautifully made documentary about the life of Yogananda—since I no longer have a Netflix account. Next thing you know both my uncles expressed an interest to watch it. It was still on there.

After we watched the film, as I was leaving the living room I suddenly remembered my prayer as I was entering the house: “for the guru to be with us”! That’s when tears came and my heart started buzzing from realizing the blessing I had received in a direct response to my earnest asking. What a direct way for a guru, not in his body, to permeate the thoughts and minds and hearts of souls not familiar with these teachings and the spiritual path! The timing for everything is not up to us, but the soul-impression was surely made!

One thought on “The Living Power of Earnest Supplication to a True Guru

  1. I occasionally visit a library in our town. That time, I mentally wished that I come upon his work. I had never got any book related to him. But that time, just by casual strolling I came upon a book of Daya Mataji. It was surely an answered prayer. It can’t be otherwise, being aware of chances of getting that.


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