“It’s All Very Interesting”


“It’s all so very interesting” is what keeps coming to my mind and mouth a lot lately…

As I practice to remove myself from the hustle and bustle of this world, and become more of an entertained observer of it all, from a distance, I have started to notice a very curious thing. How so very interesting everything and everything that happens is. What crazy, beautiful, fantastic, dramatic, elaborate, engrossing, enraging, stupendous thing Divine Mother is set in motion, which is called the universe.

Pay attention to the events of each hour, each minute even. How could this be even imagined? Let alone manifested?

She brings us experiences of love, romance, tears, sadness, envy, inspiration, joy, suffering, awe, in the most wonderful, elaborate, crazy complicated movie of each incarnation life.

Is it not better to sit back and enjoy and watch it all with Her, rather than get caught up by the details of the movie, and tell Her “How so very interesting what you’re doing Mother!”


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