Seeking Enlightenment? Learn from Children


I had a charming encounter with a couple of 4-5 year old boys at Ananda village a few days ago. I had befriended one of them, Luke, earlier. Luke and his friend were approaching me. His friend kept saying “Are you Mr. William?” Luke corrected him “No he is not.” Seeing that Luke knows me the friend asked: “Why does Luke know you but I don’t?” I simply said “Luke knows a lot of people.” Luke quickly responded matter-of-factly: “Actually, I don’t.”

It was the whole “adult” conversation that amused me, but most of all I was charmed by Luke’s response of reminding me of a truth, of “what is”, of telling no non-sense. As adults we say things just for the purpose of making conversation, being cute, or for flattering. Luke called me out on my non-sense!

Enlightenment is ridding oneself of all things that one is not. Children are closer to that state of being true with oneself. As adults we are covered pretty heavily 🙂

Words have power in them. Don’t say things just to say something. Luke reminded me of that truth.

March 6, 2016


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