Contemplations – Spiritual Path


  • Your purpose is to find that you are the magic you’re looking for.
  • The taste of freedom is so delicious when it comes. To invite it, however, it’s required to drop from our minds that we “need” or “want” anything.
  • 1) Forget myself 2) Be in the state of love 3) Be present here and now.
  • Expansion happens when we release the idea in our minds that “we know”.
  • It’s not our job to understand someone else’s path. Let’s remember to focus on our own. To each soul there is a unique path. Let’s remember to never judge the path, attunement, or discipleship of someone else. While outwardly it might look one way, internally they may have an entirely different experience. It’s not what one does or doesn’t do. It’s an inner state and experience.
  • Everyday, in every scenario, pleasant or painful, feeling up or down, practice being free. Unless we have practice in all sorts of conditions, we can never arrive at a place of unconditional freedom!
  • A spiritual path, if it prevents you from enjoying yourself, or propels you to abandon a part of yourself, won’t take you very far…
  • Experiences, relationships, dos and donts, etc: It’s not “is it this OR is it that?” Rather, “raise your consciousnesses in this, AND raise your awareness in that…”
  • There’s no such a thing as “Guru’s teachings” when it comes to what to do and what not to do, because those depend on the space and time and the unique soul and its point on it’s unique path… Truths however can be part of Guru’s teachings: We’re all one, Life is a cosmic dream, etc.
  • Every moment is a chance to get happy.
  • If our heart contracts when we encounter what’s different—different music, orientation, behavior, perspective, interests, morals, values, color, spiritual path, peoples—then we’re not moving in the direction of Freedom.
  • Drop whatever you’re doing or trying to accomplish*. Get happy first. You may now resume… * Includes what you think will make you happy
  • If I live each day for Divine Mother, how could I ever be disappointed, upset, angry, hurt, or down, for whatever comes my way is Her and Her will. If I realize Divine Mother beneath all my love, how could I ever be not in pure joy, for whatever comes my way each day is Her multifaceted beauty.
  • The real Master doesn’t speak through another disciple or teacher or a swami or even through your own guru’s quotes and books. The real guru speaks to you through the same heart that is feeling and longing for those desires you feel. Because there’s a unique guru’s teaching for you, who knows what’s best for you through your own heart. No one else can ever know that. Please never feel there’s something wrong if you feel inadequacy and longing for something missing in you. That’s how we all feel until enlightenment comes! It’s what keeps us longing for reaching out to our truest self. Reaching out to what’s outside as desires is part of that process. It’s part of growth and I feel how God wanted it to be. What attracts me to other souls the most is their enthusiasm for life. For wanting to engage and do things and finding the joy in what life has. Because ultimately all that is nothing else but God. The point is to approach it with the right perception, lightness and unattachment.
  • Spiritual path is nothing but learning to be happy all the time without any reason.
  • Practice what gives you pleasure, if it helps you feel freer and in tune. Avoid what gives you pleasure, when it makes you feel bound and attached.
  • Why do I keep looking forward? To tomorrow, to next week, next year, when this is done, when that happens? But Divine Mother is HERE with me right NOW! This minute. There is nowhere to go… Claim your Freedom!
  • Religion arises in whom inward transformation and awakening isn’t ready to happen. Disappointed by the lack of any real change, they cling on an outward forms, dos and donts, dogma, institution, organization, identifications, songs and rituals.
  • Seeking God means seeking to let go. That includes what we have ingrained in our minds what seeking God means and what is not.
  • If a dear dear friend of mine, who I haven’t seen for years, comes by and gives me a couple of hours to spend with her/him, wouldn’t I be ecstatic? Why do I then go to a half hour meditation like it’s a chore I’m making myself to go through?! Divine Mother is that dearest of the dearest friends, who’s always ready to have a quality time with me, anywhere anytime. If Divine Mother had an “ego”, some 8 billion humans alone were breaking Her heart everyday every minute for “not showing up”!
  • Be in Sun Salutations during 108 recitations of the Gayatri mantra. Turn lights off. Keep a candle burning. Keep eyes closed. Experience your expanded consciousness within this 45 min. practice.
  • The study of astronomy gives perspective to the body. The study of vedanta (yoga wisdom) gives perspective to the soul.
  • It’s in giving yourself that you find your self.
  • I took discipleship vows to my guru, Sri Yogananda, three years ago. Naturally, my understanding of what it means has been always evolving, yet only recently I feel that I’m beginning to truly understand the real meaning of discipleship to a true man of God. I had noted a change in my prayers. I shifted from whatever I was praying before to “I want what you want” and “Help me align my will to yours for me.” Discipleship is not a matter of the mind or aspiration. It is of the heart and of superconscious relationship. I began to truly want nothing but what he wants for me. I stopped inserting my own agendas for my life, and started just quieting down to listen to his (and divine mother’s) guidance and plan. My job is to simply listen and then act accordingly. I’ve begun to understand that true discipleship (to a true guru) means really wanting to completely give your everything to him/her. It is to get out the way and let the guru drive one’s every aspect of life. This doesn’t mean holding onto the wheel while occasionally asking for suggestions, guidance, or favors from the guru. Rather, it is really and willingly giving the steering wheel to him/her with all one’s heart and might. It is entirely a matter of an ever-increasing level of faith to God and guru. This offering oneself to the guru, shouldn’t be understood or done as a way to be submissive or obedient to the guru, or to please him/her. Rather, it is done simply from a real understanding that by letting one’s will, goals, thoughts, and actions to someone who is one with God, we ourselves will become a channel of God, and of his power, joy, and love. By true discipleship, we obtain as much power as the guru. I’ve experienced this in leading the sadhanas. Every time I ask master to lead the class through me and every time I have observed that it gets done much beyond what I know is my capability and skill in teaching a class. Real discipleship goes beyond reading the teachings and practicing the techniques. It is not a matter of skillfulness or hard work. It’s not something for the mind and something to just talk about over dinner with friends. True discipleship is lived not thought. It is a matter of tuning our own consciousness with his/her consciousness. The process of attunement has not to do with the intellect, but a direct connection needs to be established through the third eye, in meditation, as well as the heart, to the guru’s consciousness. This process does not unfold unless it is done without reservation and with love and willingness.
  • Happiness and spiritual achievement comes, when you realize you are not trying to achieve it. Rather it is right here right now for you to grab and feel it, if you let yourself!
  • I feel the most love for all, when I’m all alone… What an odd ball.
  • The soul doesn’t seek what is temporary and short-lived, since itself is part of something that is timeless.
  • Don’t be waiting for the moment you finish what you want done, to feel free and happy… Decide to be free first, then do the things you want done in freedom and joy, as if they didn’t even matter. The second alternative is much more fun…
  • The times I’m being bored and restless sitting in meditation, I’ve noticed I’m not quite believing that “anybody’s there!” If they give you a well taped up box to open, which you think is empty, of course you’ll be bored and uninterested. But there is something there! Go in meditation thinking and knowing that Divine Mother is inside of you, waiting for you to arrive at your perfect stillness (of body, breath, mind, heart) to touch Her. That way you’ll find that you can and will go deep in meditation.
  • Yes, sing to Radha. She is the love you have for the Beloved. Love the love, because that’s what will conquer all else and take you to the Beloved.
  • The best thing that can happen to a soul is to get under the coverage of a satguru. You have already won!
  • If you have now such amazing power in your subconsciousness, as you fall asleep, to free yourself completely from the body and mind, and play the part of the pure consciousness, the creator, imagine what power you hold as you tap into your superconsciousness. Keep at it. It’s at your spiritual eye.
  • You are Arjuna. Even though your Guru will not operate your vehicle (your body, mind, energy), he is always by your side like Krishna, inviting you to let him lead the way your every moment.
  • People try to find the Guru from outside in. They look here or there, dabbling in different paths and books. But a real encounter with a Guru happens from inside out, because the true Guru is inside of yourself! Will come through your own conscience. First you need to touch it inside, later on it might find an outer expression like associating with a particular path or tradition.
  • Kriya yoga is making love to God, in your spine. If you make it so, in the moment…
  • Would you like to dance with me? Let us dance to freedom from everything. Freedom from any want. Freedom from any need. In that place, I’d like us to meet!
  • Try this powerful practice of uplifting your loved one’s consciousness, as well as your own: In meditation, visualize yourself as your loved one meditating, rather than being yourself. If you have kriya or other technique, offer and do those as that person. Tune into his or her consciousness. Become that consciousness. Now uplift that consciousness through your meditation and kriya. I have no doubt that this practice not only lifts your friend and helps them spiritually, but lifts yourself.
  • Think of meditation as your time to hug your Divine Mom and get still there, to feel and to listen. But, more so, feel Her all-around embrace around you, which is there all the time, and feel gratitude and beauty in your being Her child.
  • The greatest power is to be in love and joy at all times. Being there at all times is only possible when those are not conditioned by earthly circumstances.
  • Mother, how simple things are, when I know You are the only reality.
  • Seek and find your role models, at any stage of your life. The “I live my life my own way and find my own truth” point of view is a great start, but falls short at some point…
  • Do not identify with that which you are not. You are pure light of God, nothing less, and nothing more. Yes, we can say within us there is a constant battle between light and darkness, angels (upward pull of energy in spine) and demons (downward pulling of energy). But don’t affirm that you are both, because they are not the same reality. Yoga, is the process of releasing fully from that which you are not. The way to do that isn’t to affirm its existence, but absorb yourself in the truest reality of that which you are, until that which you are not is completely vanished from your consciousness.
  • At night when you lie down to sleep, instead of the thought “I’m going to get some rest” remind yourself enthusiastically: “I’m going to release identifying with my body and mind, and go into a form of subconscious Samadhi, or Oneness.” You can transform your sleep-dream experience.
  • Have you legitimately, sincerely asked your Master to come to you, in meditation ? Watch your heart. Are the words just being said? Or is the heart pleading it?
  • I wish soon there will be a “Fitbit” that counts how many times a day you bring Guru to mind… I know he knows, but I want it for us to track our progress and daily attunement.
  • If you find that your spiritual practices have brought you mostly to a dry, strict, dogmatic austerities, and often serious state of mind, it’s time to try differently. God is never found in tension, dryness. God is softness, formless, and ever free flowing. Remember, true teaching is individual. Don’t go on doing something because the “the general advice” is such and such. Always take what is generally recommended, and then adapt it based on your current needs. While a person may need to turn right, another needs to make a left turn, because we are each at a different point on our paths. Tomorrow’s right thing for me might be today’s wrong thing to do. Similarly, never judge anyone for what (you perceive) they’re doing. How can we ever claim to know God’s plan for anyone, on a given day?
  • When your being is fully concentrated and engrossed at the point between the eyebrows, the seat of the Infinite, and the will is fixed at the thought of lifting, the body will levitate.
  • Don’t ever feel you are supposed to make it alone. Your inner guidance is ever with you.
  • How to Exude Spirituality from Every Pour of Your Being (‘Tis how I do it, anyway): Burn an incense in your room. Keep the doors shut (try not to set the place on fire). Keep your towel hanging around in the room somewhere. Take a shower. Dry yourself with the nicely incense-smokey towel, rubbing it all over you. Behold your spiritual self!
  • My wish for you is to be truly free. Freedom from any wants, it turns out, is the only thing we really want!
  • The spiritual path is less about the years, and more about the seconds. Do not concern yourself with how long you’ve been on the path. Do pay attention to how well you’re bringing the teachings you’ve been assimilating into your practice, in daily life, from one second to the next.

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