The Universe Was Made to Invite You Inside


I often reflect,
if the whole universe was not made
with a single purpose
of showing you the way
inside yourself.

If places and vistas on earth
were not created,
so by moving about,
you will learn that your perspective can shift also,
within your own mind.

And the cosmos not there,
only to remind you
that how deep you can go within,
in your own expanding consciousness,
is infinite.

And if seasons of warm and cold, love and hate,
not demonstrated as a reflection of your own states of heaven and hell,
felt in that enigma which is called your mind.
Those which,
unless you choose to break the cycle,
are perfectly content
in dragging you around
amidst the alleys of eternity.

I wonder if the majestic mountains were made,
for not but to show you the strength
of your Self-security and steadfastness,
upon the cradle of your first chakra,
within your own astral body.

And if the flowing waters,
not an indication of your own creative flow,
manifest at your second spinal center–
the sacral.

Was not fire made,
to remind you
that source of fiery self-control and determination,
is not farther from your own astral abdomen.

Did your wonderfully varied feelings,
influenced by the circumstances outside,
not testify that your true reality,
is the invisible,
lying somewhere inside,
within your own heart?

Were the Christ and Devil
not revealed,
as a symbol for the direction of your own conscious gaze,
ever oscillating
between your third eye, at the forehead,
and at the base of your brain, at the medulla,
the positive and negative poles
of your sixth chakra,
residing within your invisible body,
one affirming no reality but the matter, senses, and separation,
and the other awake of your Self’s oneness with the Father of all.

And the high flying eagle,
not a gentle prophetic vision,
of some time in the future now,
when you’ll taste the final freedom,
manifest on the crown of your own head?


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