“What You Do” Is Insignificant to Your Soul


Whether you’re a humanitarian and a volunteer educator in the world’s poorest corner, or a worker at a slaughterhouse makes no difference to your soul. On the other hand, the consciousness you keep as you are doing what you are doing means everything to your soul. That is because, your soul’s real and only purpose in taking a body form, is the upliftment of your consciousness.

You see, a person might have chosen to work in an animal slaughterhouse because she wanted to be an instrument of healing to the suffering animals. She might have thought by working there, she would replace someone else who is probably indifferent to the feelings of the animals, and she instead could send vibrations of peace and healing to their souls, even as their lives are been taken away.

A majority of world’s Christians are of the thought that by belief in Jesus Christ, they’ll be granted a key to be with God in Heaven, happily ever after, once they die. The majority of Muslims are of similar belief. They hold that belief in God is key, but they think the key only works when one has done his duty of repeating the daily prayers, yearly fasting duties, etc.

Of course, mere belief or routine repetition of actions make no man worthy of being one with God—not after one lifetime, a mere 60-100 years, and not after a million lifetimes. This form of backward-religion only belongs to the Kali Yuga or the Dark Age of consciousness, when the understanding of people could not go beyond literal and matter-consciousness, and is rooted only in obedience because of fear of judgment or punishment.

A true eternal religion, as exemplified by the teachings of Buddha, would tell us that what you believe or do, even if “religious” belief or action, makes little difference. It is only by learning, self-effort, and transformation that man can ascend toward God.

Indeed, it is the destiny of human beings to transcend self until becoming one with the Infinite. How could a 100-year life be enough for someone to learn everything he needs to learn to merit becoming one with God? It’s quite a silly, but universal, delusion. Without reincarnating back to pick up where we left off in the school of life, millions of times as scripture say, transcendence cannot happen.

So what is it that we come back to learn, over and over again?

Ultimately, it is to learn that we do not exist. We have no reality of our own, nor does everyone or everything around us. But only when we are merged with the Infinite, from that point of view, we can truly see all this for the mere light-shadow dream that it is.

So how could life have any meaning then? Is it even important?

Life in itself is not important. That’s why it doesn’t matter what you do, in this life, or the next.

But life is utterly important, as a vessel through which we transcend ourselves: using the dream to go beyond the dream.

I struggle sometimes to remember this and keep my work in this life in perspective. I become forgetful, and think what I’m doing is important, and it’s also a lot. I get wrapped up in the details and lose presence. I sacrifice my spiritual practices of presence for it. I contract, therefore, blocking the energy, reducing my productivity, and more importantly my joy.

So remember, it doesn’t matter if you are collecting soda cans to collect the recycling redeem money, or heading the team that’s on the verge of the top scientific discovery of the century. Your soul didn’t incarnate for this or that. Rather, your soul attracts each experience because in it there’s an opportunity to learn something that you need to learn in this life-school, an opportunity to clear some impurities on its way to achieving final purity and mergence with God.

Please keep your perspective. Every day, every minute.

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