My Life’s Purpose


If I will accomplish one thing in this lifetime, if there is one thing I consider the purpose of my life this time, it is to fully get out of the hypnotism of the body, and to help others get out of it.

I don’t mean the mere idea. I’m talking about realization born in experience in perception, in feeling, and knowing beyond the intellect, as tangible and obvious as the breath itself.

The conception that we are the body is the root of all suffering. True realization of its unreality is the source of everlasting oneness.

Meditate on this: The strong illusion of life forces us to think that when we are physically in the spatial proximity of each other, at a certain time, we are “together”. Yet I’m not my body. Nor are you your body. Therefore it is a double-illusion to consider us together or separated based on the location of our skins and bones!

When I was 2 years old I was separated from my mom and dad. They were both taken away by the current regime because of their political activism against it. They were held in prison, my dad executed within several days or months, and my mom held for three years. For a few days I was cared for by a second aunt, to wait for a safe time for me to be delivered to my grand parents.

When the day came when my mom was to be released, I was 6 years old and did not remember her. The only thing that is instilled in my memory is my grand mother’s rebuke at my lack of emotion, when the news came of her return, while my cousin was jumping up and down from excitement. I remember thinking, in my 6-year old’s mind, that she (my grand mother) didn’t understand.

At 19 I was separated from my grand parents, who raised me mostly, when my mom and step-dad brought us to live in the U.S. A few years ago I befriended my soul friend, who had also lost her dad when she was in her teens, while holding him in her arms. Then I was separated from her.

I feel that life experiences have been there for me to make it easier to transition out of the hypnotism of the body. I feel I have made good strides towards this. But now I’m finding myself in front of the taller task of bringing others with me.

I find keeping contact with friends and loved ones, the way society expects it, like keeping track of calling friends and family every few days, difficult to say the least. Phone calls and Skype calls have never come easy to me. I feel them as not only superficial, but painful at times. Chitchatting, for the sake of passing time, entertainment, or not feeling alone has never attracted me. When I see friends and families I rarely show any outward emotion.

All this probably impresses others as lack of empathy or inability to show it. But it’s far from the truth.

The truth is I “feel” my loved ones strongly. I sense my deep connection with them all the time, no matter where I am or where they are. I can feel some of my close friends and family, who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, as they are going through easy, happy, sad, festive, challenging, up, or down times. Many times my close friends have shared with me something, and I just wanted to tell them that I already knew.

It’s not that I have nothing to say. It’s that the things I most want to say aren’t expressed with words. They are of higher vibrations and transmitted without the need for Skype connections or physical visits to each others’ door.

The energy of individuals, when we become sensitive to it by our willingness to open eyes beyond the material dimensions, speaks louder and faster than anything that could be spoken. That energy isn’t contained within the space and time, the way the body is. It makes little difference whether the bodies of two souls are next to each other or apart to feel that energy.

I deeply want us all to move together towards this realization. I want us to be ever together, deeper and more real than ever. Why limit ourselves?

I ask all my loved ones not to think of me as a mere body, or mind, restricted to some corner on the planet or a few years lived here and there. I am infinitely vaster than that. And I shall never consider you as a body constricted to a specific time and space. You are infinitely vaster than the sky. Limitless, and timeless.

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