My Conversation with Swamiji, Which Never Happened on the Physical Plane


I never met Swami Kriyananda in person. When I first came to the spiritual community of Ananda, at their Los Angeles center, I learned that he had passed on just a few months before. Swamiji for me has been the clear channel, through his writings, voice, music, talks, and consciousness, to know the teachings and vibrations of my guru, Paramhansa Yogananda.

You can find hundreds of Swami’s interviews with various people online. I really recommend watching these gems. You’ll absorb his consciousness and elevate yours.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time watching some of them, to prepare for an event. In the evening, during the meditation, I felt that my consciousness was lifting up fast towards his. I felt deep expansion and attunement to him, and was continually having conversations with him. He was answering many of my questions. Creative thoughts and ideas were pouring into my mind. I think that’s because of his consciousness–boundless energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Here’s a conversation I was visualizing having with him in our meditation, sitting in Crystal Hermitage dome, which used to be his little apartment. You’ll have to visualize Swamiji in his later years, when softness, compassion, and joy seems to be pouring out from him.

Me: Swamiji, I love you so much. What should I do?
My Visualized Swami: I love you too. Do what you want! Go and be a good disciple. Live Joy!
Me: But Swami I love you so much I can’t contain myself.
My Visualized Swami: Then don’t contain it! Just dissolve into that. Be with God! It’s so good here!
Me: Swami, how can I keep Master [our guru Yogananda] in my consciousness all the time?
My Visualized Swami: Pray to him to make that happen.
Me: Swami how can I keep you in my consciousness all the time?
My Visualized Swami: Listen to my talks. Watch my interviews. Listen to my music. Read my books. So on.
Me: Swami, how can I know my current life path is right for me?
My Visualized Swami: Meditate first. Calm yourself. Then feel your heart. Is it feeling happy? expansive?
Me: Should I worry about the current world events?
My Visualized Swami: Never worry. Divine Mother is in charge. Open you heart to her. That’s what you should do. She’ll take care of everything.
Me: But do I have a role in world affairs?
My Visualized Swami: Yes, show compassion to all. Don’t discriminate. Be kind and serve all.

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