Forgive Me

Divine Mother of all hearts,

Forgive me.
For I have, once more, sinned.

Fell again in the chasm of my ignorance,
to your omnipresent love,
ever-changing beauty.

Take me again
in your warm vibrant embrace.
Tell me once more:
“You are my stupid child,
My own.
I will love you eternally.”

Let my tears,
uncontrollably summoned from the depth of your embrace,
gush down my being,
washing away the lifelong debris of mind miseries.

Forgive me,
if your sun shone bright that summer day,
lighting the life fountain of tall evergreens,
against a backdrop of vast blue skies,
and the air singing the melody of one eternal Love,
while I sat alone,
in my dark chamber of gloom,
pondering the chances of brighter days,
resurrected from the far soils of past or future.

Forgive me mother.

Forgive me,
for that day in the coffee shop,
when I passed my seconds,
fretting why I am not in place
of these young lovers telling, in laughter, mad tales of wonder,
while the blind lady,
was toiling joyfully to take each slow step,
through the perfect dark mysteries of a street sidewalk.

Forgive me mother,
for I have sinned,
under the closest affectionate gaze
of a luminous sun within myself.

Forgive me,
if my eyes have often than not,
been utterly blind
to your love’s light,
whether shone direct from a wondrous divine ray,
or through the hearts of your others:

in the toils of my mother’s joyfully prepared meal,
through the silent sacrifices of unlived dreams of a father,
in the tearful prayers of a kin,
or in the service of past sages,
giving their souls for the upliftment of the forthcoming flock.

Forsake me not, Mother.

Tell me the tale, again,
of that day
when I came
from Your own infinite womb.

I am lost again, mother.

Astray, inviting, even forcing, my fellow sisters and brothers
to my disastrous pretensions,
bewildered interpretations of Your Truth.

take these Mother,
once more,
with Your infinite grace,
as wailings of a lost infant,
tearfully calling for his mom.

Will you take me again in your arms, Mother?

June 24, 2015

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