Curriculum Vitae

I was none.
And I was one.
Then You brought me here.
I was happy.

You gave me a mind,
gradually making me unaware.
I lost myself.

“Look how happy they are.”
“Achieve,” You said.
I did.

Your deputy of despair,
was the first one to come congratulate me.
“Look how happy you are,”
he said, mocking me in the face.

“There has been an oversight,” You declared.
“For what is achievement,
without a companion to share?”

You brought forth countless images of love,
purer than the clouds,
rawer than honey,
before my eyes.
“Poor you.”

I threw myself,
as a determined goat in a bazaar,
trying to ask,
in a tongue I did not speak,
of a thing I did not know.
They seemed to respond:
“It is out of stock.”

Years passed.
I now knew,
there is more for a goat to achieve.

So one day,
I left the bazaar,
and sought to become
a Doctor of Capriology.

And one afternoon,
as I was daydreaming
of being honored as goat laureate,

a gentle hand, ran through my beards.
“I found you,” she said.
“How sweet Being can be,”
I thought to myself.

I thanked You for the grace.
You replied: “You are not with her.”
I admired Your sense of humor.

Blessed days.
Gentle nights.

“East wind has come,”
one morning she had written,
on a note by my pillow.
She was not there.
Never have I seen,
a paper or a corpse so heavy.


Stillness was sweet.

So one night Your gentle voice consoled me:
“You are never without her.”
“She never without you.”

It was sound.
For how could two hearts,
oceans apart,
be warmed on the same hour?

Inward bound.

You unraveled to me,
the mystery of Love,
in the form of many trees.

Do they not all speak of one Light,
in their varied expression of perfection?
Do we not all speak of one light,
in our painful wailing for the lost abode?

“Must You have played the human game with me?”
“I have not done so, my child,”
You replied.
“For you have never been.”

May 28, 2015

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