Meditate on Nothingness: A Meditation Technique to Feel Calm and Peace in Your Mind


I was on a road trip to Colorado this week. One day once we had set up camp, I felt inspired to meditate on nothingness. I wanted to drop all thoughts of worry and planning, of ambitions and responsibilities, of identifications and goals, of accomplishments and disappointments. I found a magnificent spot with a vast canyon view and sat to try the following meditation. Quickly I felt much lighter and freer. I thought you might find it useful. So here it is:

Sit up straight and comfortably. It’s effective if you have a gentle upward gaze behind closed eyes, to connect with the point between the eyebrows—the center of your higher Self. Breathe calmly and deeply from the nostrils and let the belly rise and fall freely. Just follow the inhale and exhale of the breath. Don’t control the breath; just follow it.

Here is how the meditation works: Every time a thought comes, take whatever it concerns and imagine and feel that it does not exist. For example, if you feel anxious or worried about something you have to do, mentally inform yourself that it has been dropped and you don’t need to do it. Feel the freedom from dropping that from your mind. If you get advanced at this, better yet feel that there is no tomorrow. Enjoy your present and last day in this life! Once you feel free of the thought, go back to watching your breath.

Continue with any incoming thoughts. If something about your relationship with someone comes to mind, feel that there are no outstanding concerns. If you’d like, feel that you have never known such a person. If a thought about a past incident comes to mind, feel that it never happened. If a health concern visits your mind, feel your reality beyond the body. Remind yourself that you are not the body. You and your mind will feel lighter. If nagging of an unfulfilled desire captures your mind, free yourself from it by imagining yourself having already fulfilled it. Feel what the outward fulfillment of that desire feels like within yourself.

Continue to liberate yourself from visiting thoughts like this as long as you’d like. You will feel calmer and freer in your mind, and perhaps you will experience longer periods of stillness without any thoughts. Enjoy those moments. Keep your gaze towards the spiritual eye and feel your greater reality, that is peace, joy, and love itself.

Is dropping thoughts of concern irresponsible and fruitless? Not at all. Worrying and thinking continually about problems in your mind and properly handling them are two very different things. We severely hamper our progress by spending much time worrying and occupying our minds endlessly and aimlessly. By freeing your mind and detaching from the concerns, you’ll learn how to approach them from a place of clarity and strength from within. It is only from that place where you can experience your full strength and potential in approaching all matters of your life.

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