Bliss Is Not Far for You to Have

Life has brought you your first love relationship at the age of 31. And now your sweet love has taken you to the jawdroppingly beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. And you are lying on the beach, where no one else is around. She, in her magical combination of stunning beauty, sweetness, and playfulness, has just come out of her dip in the ocean and now is tip toeing toward you, with a sweet lover’s smile that would melt any observer’s heart right into the golden sands. Her gaze is directed straight into your eyes. She slowly approaches you and positions herself on your lap, wrapping her arms around your neck.

Can you possibly not be in pure bliss at that moment?

Well, I am that person and I tell you that, believe it or not, I could.

I was far from feeling any bliss. During those moments, so far removed I was from the present moment that what I could feel was mostly annoyance than anything else. I was so drenched in thoughts and worries, such as how much sun burnt I’m going to get and where are we going to eat for dinner, and yet deeper in the background, how can I possibly get past through the PhD thesis that I need to produce. I spent most of that trip regretting why I’m not present and joyful as I should be in this paradise.

I am telling you all this, not to blame myself, but to simply give you an idea where I was, mentally and spiritually, a mere three years ago.

But I had good karma and a yoga master cut a few cords loose for me and made himself known to me as my guru. He brought me to the spiritual path and awakened me to Divine Mother. He opened my heart.

I still can get lost in my mind from time to time. But blissful moments visit me sometimes, of the kind where the mouth stays open from the joy of expansion inside and the closed eyes well up with tears and muscles don’t venture to move because there is absolutely nothing you want to do but to stay still in that moment for an eternity. It usually comes by the aid of a trigger, like someone’s reminder of a story, that for a split second puts me in touch with the love I feel for the Infinite, in the form of Divine Mother or my guru.

I am telling you this, not to pat myself in the back, but to simply tell you that it doesn’t need to take decades and lifetimes to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds.

Being new on the spiritual path could be overwhelming, as one begins to be in the company of souls who have been seeking practically all their long lives and most likely many past lives. We might think: How can I ever advance that far? How can I ever meditate as long and as deep? How can I ever know what bliss is, let alone feel it?

But bliss may be near, no matter where you are at this moment. I believe that sincerity is that golden key.

We must be sincere in our seeking. We must make sure what we say and pray matches the vibrations of every corner of our heart. We can’t be praying for enlightenment and divine love, while knowingly or subconsciously holding on to those old desires, for fame, for that perfect soulmate, for that favorable circumstance, and so on. We must not outwardly declare our discipleship to the guru, while inwardly still seek the fulfillment of our own agendas and expectations. We must not read the true teachings and make not an effort to fully internalize them, to release all habitual thoughts and perceptions than are not in tune with those teachings.

Be pure in the heart, and bliss could come to you sooner than you think.

Practice Japa-ing Yourself into Bliss

Take a mala (beads) and for each bead say audibly and feelingly, toward your beloved, Divine Mother, your guru, or whatever form you hold the Infinite dear: “how much I love you my … “. Feel that expression as a wave of energy generated at the base of spine, passing through you heart and finally offered all through the spine into the forehead. Do your best to feel the love expanding ever more in that center at the point between the eyebrows.

After a while repeat this in a whisper only, and then again after a while only mentally.

To achieve concentration and focusing the mind’s energy, start observing your natural nostril breath, and say the first part “how much I love you” as you notice the inhale. Say the name “…” as you notice the exhale.

As you bring in more and more sincerity to this practice, you will eventually experience bliss. Therefore, especially practice it at times your heart feels uplifted.IMG_6384.JPG

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