How an Anti-Jewelry Guy Came to Wear a Bangle

I’ve always been uninterested in wearing jewelry, or tattoos for that matter. So up until a few months ago I had practically never worn any articles of jewelry. Here is what happened.

A few years ago I became a devotee of the yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda. In one chapter in his book, the Autobiography of a Yogi, he explains why his guru, Sri Yukteswar, an astrologer, would advise everyone to wear an astrological bangle. A bangle made of a combination of gold, silver, and copper metals, worn against the skin, has a property of deflecting or damping negative karmic, planetary energies coming at a person. Read more about this in the fascinating chapter in that book called “Outwitting the Stars.”

In any case, I stayed with my own conscience and truth and ignored this counsel. After all Yogananda himself, I believe, had said “devotion is the greatest astrological bangle (to protect you).” It’s about inside, not outside. I am strong inside and my job is to make myself stronger. That’s what counts, not what gems or spiritual tattoos I wear! Plus, these bangles are very expensive, because it contains a large amount of high karat gold.

Still, I had a dilemma. I came to Ananda Village, an entire community and village of my gurubais (followers of the same guru) and most people, including many whom I admire and aspire to wear this astrological bangle. It seemed wrong to ignore my guru’s advice, even if I didn’t understand the reasons for it. It felt right, even as an act of faith to the guru, to follow the instructions, even on a minor thing like this.

I still resisted, but after a couple of months I sort of relented, by sending a little message to my guru: “bring me a sign if your will for me is to wear a bangle.” Then I forgot about the whole thing.

Some time after, my mother told me that I had received a check, for a class-action lawsuit, at their address, since I used my parent’s address for my mail. She sent it my way. It was a really odd letter with a vague title “high-tech employee lawsuit.” Typically, even if one is to receive a class-action lawsuit check, one has to fill a form and apply first. I had never applied for such a thing. The check amount was $2,040.

I didn’t really feel that the money belonged to me, and I had no need for it. So I started donating it to various organizations. I was about finished with the money, when all of a sudden a thought dropped in my head: “You could’ve bought an astrological bangle with that!” Not really interested, but curious, I looked into the price of getting one.

To my astonishment, I received a quote to make a bangle: $1,990—fifty dollars different that the check amount I had received. At that moment, a thought/voice told me: “You had asked for a sign. Forget that, I give it to you as a gift!” I felt like my guru had implanted the thought.

With this intuitive feeling, I opened up to getting the article of jewelry, mostly with my own money, since I had spent most of the check amount.

When I wore the article, which is shown in the photo here, I cannot say I felt anything profound. But despite my expectations, it felt natural to wear it.

So I thought this is where the story ended. It didn’t.

A short while after, my mother called me again. It was around the time of her birthday. She asked me if it was me who sent her a “bracelet” for her birthday. A little embarrassed, though I had already sent her a little birthday gift, I told her that it was not me. I asked her to send me a photo of the received bracelet… Sure enough, it was another bangle.

I was in shock, but this time quite aware that there is a message for me here. I thought my guru is now just toying with me: giving me for free, not one, but two bangles each worth a couple of thousand dollars!

I told my mother the story how I had come to buy a bangle (had to explain what one is first!) and that the vendors must’ve had made a mistake to also mail one to our door, while I had picked up the item in person. We returned the extra bangle to its maker.
Be open to the truth. And want it. And seek it. What you and I believe doesn’t matter, nor does it change the truth. Experience it at your own deepest core.


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