Contemplations – Yoga and Meditation

  • The way to God, that is your own ultimate potential, peace, calm, joy, happiness, and love, is to “withdraw from the senses and the outside realities.” You cannot do that but by sitting still in meditation. Remember to meditate consciously trying to withdraw from the senses and the outside things, rather than just sitting to meditate without remembering what you’re trying to achieve!
  • When doing yoga (postures), keep your focus entirely inward. Closing eyes whenever possible. Feel the sensations of air on your skin, but don’t go any farther outside. Doing yoga while looking around by eyes or in mind is as effective as praying to God while thinking about what to eat for lunch! The purpose of yoga postures is to use the body to go beyond the body and the physical plane.
  • “What Is Yoga and Why Yo Do It?” in 108 words:
    • There’s a subtle but real spine, in front of the physical spine. There’s a subtle but real energy that runs through the subtle spine. When this energy flows down and out we feel sad; when it flows in and up to the top of the spine into the brain we feel uplifted and happy. This is the true kind of happiness, which isn’t affected by outward circumstances, attachment to which causes us to suffer. Through certain practices of energy control, like meditation and attitudes of the mind, we can consciously lift this energy up the subtle spine, finding happiness, and moving towards achievement of everlasting joy, or liberation.
  • The love of the guru is not something intangible, only subtle, or subjective. A most beautiful manifestation of my guru’s love is that I live in, not an ashram, but a whole village of fellow disciples. Here although we are, on the outside, so different than one another, it is so sweet to know that, behind the superficial, everyone holds the love of the same guru in her/his heart. Seeing this and living this everyday is an instantaneous blessing and upliftment. The same is true for the whole humanity. Although it is harder to see and feel this out there, still underneath the thick rubble of delusion of separateness lies the uniting thread of love of one God. The love for God, whether or not we are allergic to the word, whether or not it is long lost and forgotten, whether or not the mind so vehemently rejects such a thing, is indeed the core of each and every one of our being… God is joy, love, light, and peace, taken to the infinity.
  • The crux of the spiritual path is this: How many of your waking minutes throughout your day do you keep your mind on God, that is, the invisible reality behind everything you meet: people, things, circumstances. Don’t evaluate your spiritual progress by how many hours you meditate daily; do so by observing your awareness in God every minute…

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