Contemplations – Truth

  • “If a drunk bum woke up one day and declared he wants to make a million dollar business and get rich, everyone would support him, maybe with a chuckle. But if Mother Teresa said she wanted to start a million dollar business and get rich everyone would consider her to have fallen!” -Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Truth isn’t relative but absolute. There is God and there is what opposes Him. But thoughts and actions are relative, and depend on where individuals and societies and circumstances stand. On this directional scale, the same thought or action may be a step toward God for one, and away from Him for another.
  • There’s a deep meaning in matter not existing beyond speed of light… The universe is nothing but light (energy), as is a movie on a theatre screen! [teachings of yoga]
  • Yoga masters have said for millennia that matter only consists of energy. Science has only recently discovered and demonstrated this truth, with Einstein’s famous E = mC^2 equation. Matter cannot go beyond the speed of light, beyond which it only exists in the form of pure energy. I believe there is a deep spiritual meaning to this. Sages have long said everything in the physical world is made of some subtle form of light energy. Therefore, no matter can get past its “light” nature, exceeding its travel speed. Yogis have also gone beyond this, saying energy, in turn, is only thought, consciousness, at a deeper level. God’s thought became concentrated as energy, then became matter. This, science has yet to declare. Yet, there is the theory of “entanglement” in physics that has very recently been demonstrated, that information can possibly travel faster than the speed of light. Again, this is totally inline with the ancient yogic science. For consciousness, thought, is not of physical nature and is not bound by the physical light and it’s limits.
  • Being scientific and and intellectual and modern has been a big deal, has meant being forward and ahead of others. It’s because the majority were stuck in dogmas and blind beliefs, and science honors our ability to experiment and know for ourselves. But that time where believing in science made you special has passed! Don’t stay stuck in that mode! To insist on being modern and faithless and reject anything that science doesn’t know yet is being backward now! We’ve just moved to a new age of energy (dwapara yuga) where we are becoming more aware of the deeper realities of energy and spirit behind the body and form. We’re starting to move out of the head and become a bit more familiar with the heart. Why not lead the way?
  • “If you read one hour, then write two hours, think three hours, and meditate all the time!” my guru, Yogananda said. If your today’s sadhana (spiritual practice) is repeating yesterday’s, not much spiritual growth will result. It is only by opening up to your flow of creativity that vertical expansion can unfold. I always had a resistance to the amount of emphasis and importance that modern society puts on reading. I had decided that I must be a bad apple lazy person, not being able to keep up with others reading. But intuitively I felt that there seems to be a deeper way of knowing that transcends reading somebody else’s text, than just “consuming” knowledge and wisdom. When I read this quote from Yogananda, I was flying from joy!
  • Fill in the blank: ______ is the greatest sin. Sin, by the way, literally just means missing the mark, that is the need to try again. Ignorance (that is being unaware and being uninterested in becoming aware and the truth) is the greatest sin, Yogananda told us. What’s unawareness? Walking amidst the natural beauties and not even noticing it, totally lost in our heads. Not being aware how we impact each other in our personal relationships with our behavior and speech. Not eating consciously. Not feeling gratitude for the blessings of each day. Not breathing properly.

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