Contemplations – Happiness, Sadness

  • There’s nowhere to go, no mountains to climb, no person to find, no problem to solve, nothing to attain. Your Divine Mother is surrounding your Being, right now, whispering to you: “You have Me now! Where’re you looking?”
  • It is not selfish to pursue your own happiness. In fact, you must. The purpose of your life is to find your everlasting bliss (which ends up being not of the material world). Those who are unhappy, even with their best intentions to do good and help others, through their actions, thoughts, and more importantly their vibrations, will make others unhappy. Those who have found their happiness first, will naturally make others happy, through their subtle energies.
  • If you ever feel sad, down, or under the influence of invisible lowering energies, lonely and separated, don’t ever think something has gone wrong. On the contrary, something really good is happening by the grace of the universe. A transformation, a process is in the works in you that is necessary to take you forward in your path to your highest potential. Therefore be happy that Divine Mother has taken your life in her own hands, giving you all you need and walking you too toward it. So all you have got to do is be happy! Be happy and grateful, whether you are sad or happy! So as in everything in life, the key is relaxing into acceptance. There lies your divine joy and peace!
  • Doctors in the U.S. and all modern world commit a colossal crime everyday handing out antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills to patients. It seems that 99% of people taking pills shouldn’t have been given any chemical treatment for something that is purely a natural process of soul searching and sadness, or a delicate life perspective that needs a lot of refinement and evolving. There is nothing wrong with us in feeling no energy or sad, it’s a process of growth. It’s the realization of wanting something deeper. Their view however is “something is wrong with you and we have the pill to fix you.” The soul gets buried more and more under the heavy burden of these external things, these drugs. It never finds release and true lasting happiness and fulfillment by throwing things over it, but only by removing these loads: the load of drugs with heavy side effects, the load of unnecessary thought processes and external distractions, the load of self identifications and misguided likes and dislikes. Just like mind altering drugs, mind excitement or calmness inducing pills will never give anybody lasting happiness or empowerment. They take us backwards. Because a soul’s true liberation comes by its own conscious willingness, discipline, and effort. It can never be cheated away by any external means.
  • The key to overcoming a lot of anxiety, nervousness, heavy and sadness is this: We keep erring in giving ourselves too much credit, and blame, for what happens. Take yourself out of so much focus! Rather, when you succeed, think God (or universe, my goddess, or whatever your word is) has accomplished through me. When you fail, don’t feel remorse. Rather, think God wanted to make a mistake through me. For indeed, anything that happened, and will unfold, is much much beyond our little selves! There’s an infinite, omniscient, universal intelligence at work. But we keep forgetting that! 
  • This is how nature does it: everything just perfect as is. If you see yourself reacting and suffering from what you see and feel in yourself and world around, remind yourself that everything is neutral and perfect. It’s the mind that puts labels of good and bad to things. If you see people and nations suffering from hunger, you don’t need to react and suffer. It’s the mind that says well-fed is good and hungry is bad. If you suffer because one day you feel depressed and not cheerful, you remind yourself there’s nothing wrong with how you feel. It’s the mind that says you should feel certain way and not other way.

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