Contemplations – Mind

  • The mind likes to figure it all out, especially about the future, what’s “wrong”, and to fix things. Tell your mind to fuck off! The days become much more fun then.
  • This is why humanity needs transcended souls to move forward. This is the danger when we perceive progress as getting more and more intellectual. This is what happens when one is stuck in the reasoning mind. Here is #RichardDawkins, a revered scientist, atheist, and renowned speaker, responding to a question of morality. It’s sad, bitter, and so off the mark! No, “right and wrong” are not inventions of the recent evolved mind! Love, kindness, and equality are not new ideas! They’re not even made by humans. These are truths that humans become aligned with or go against. It’s easy to put oneself against the dogmatic religionists, and win! But that’s fighting yesterday’s fight, not today’s. It’s as if our most brilliant minds today would put all their energy into fighting the remaining dinosaurs who argue that earth is flat! True wisdom is perceived in the heart, not the brain. That’s the significant thing coming to humanity’s evolution
  • If you think you’re free, then you will be free. Then you want nothing more!
  • Others don’t really exist. It’s only you and your mind out there. It’s Divine Mother’s unique dream through you. Make yourself comfortable.
  • When you’re having a beautiful time in the present moment and all of a sudden a nagging worrying shadow descends upon you, when you’re concentrating in the quietness of your meditation and next thing you know you’re playing out a five-way sex scene in your mind, when you’re thinking kind thoughts and all of a sudden you feel an urge to punch a wall, don’t just say “oh well, that’s also a part of me that needs to express itself.” (That is a common mistake stemming from thinking we are solid separate entities and our thoughts are ours, whereas we’re in fact a fluid energy mix of thoughts and qualities constantly flowing and mixing with others.) NO, THAT IS NOT A PART OF YOU. Know that it is the conscious God-created force external to you whose job it is to pull you down from elevating yourself and reverse your spiritual progress. Its purpose is to bring your consciousness back into the lowest spheres of thought and being. Yogananda said that he used to think Satan was some mental concept, but he said he had found that Satan is a real conscious external force that is actively trying to pull us down to the mud of delusion. The more you advance spiritually, in fact, the more the Satan ups the ante. Great saints, like Jesus, St. Anthony, and Padre Pio were constantly tormented by visions of Satan. But they never let in. So next time you get a visit don’t let in, but don’t struggle either. Simply don’t give it a welcome and energy. Simply hold your gaze at the light of the spiritual eye, between the eyebrows. It’s by ignoring and belittling it that it’ll just go away.
  • It’s not the world that needs fixing. It is my understanding that does.
  • The only thing that finally snaps me out of the times I sink into thinking something is wrong is remembering that the only thing that’s wrong is my thinking that something is wrong. Everything is perfect, going exactly as Divine Mother is planning it so. The only thing to let go of is the mind’s idea of how things should be or go. There lies the freedom.
  • True fulfillment comes from circumstances, not outer but inner ones. It comes from inner circumstances that result from inner work, rather than from outer circumstances.
  • There’s no past. There’s no future. There only always is the eternal now. Past and future are only in the head. They have no essential reality. Have you ever heard of a great peace of art being created in the past or future? Joy, laughter, or life happening in the past or future? Enlightenment happening in a time other than the present moment? No! Those only unfold when full presence in the now is embraced! Only now is beyond the head. We could say that time is an illusion of the mind. You may have a memory or a film of the past. But note that those themselves aren’t the real thing, just some association in the head.
  • The moment you let go of the mind is the moment you lived. Not induced, but with your own will and understanding.
  • Be in the moment, it has lots it wants to show you!
  • Interesting that the intention is more important than the action. For example, intention to kill is far worst than killing. Because killing can be just if it’s to avoid a worst thing, but to intend to kill is always evil. Same with all thoughts. Having positive or negative thoughts about someone is far more significant and influential than verbally telling them. So be very very attentive of your silent thoughts. Keep them beautiful. Keep them graceful. You’ll feel the results!
  • Have you noticed this about the days you have a good day: It’s not that you have a good day first, then you have a good mood. You have a good mood, then you’ll have a good day.
  • When sorrow or anxiety come, something is wrong, or things just aren’t going well, there is always exactly one thing to change: Change the idea of the mind that something is wrong! Let go of the thought that you shouldn’t feel that way, or what you are experiencing is bad. Everything in front of us is simply always perfect. It is exactly what needs to happen for our own highest good. The mind is simply not able to see how could it be that what we are facing is perfect as it is. Its vision is too narrow and limited. But that’s OK. We don’t need to understand! The universe is simply taking care of us.
  • Enlightenment is ridding oneself of all things that one is not. Children are closer to that state of being true with oneself. As adults we are covered pretty heavily. Words have power in them. Don’t say things just to say something.
  • Forget everything you ever heard about how you should be. What should you want or not want. Others, despite their good intentions and love, cannot know what you’re about. They put labels on you, they tell you that you need to do this thing, take that thing, improve this, not do that, etc. This is your dream: it’s only you and everything and everybody else is really just a projection around you. You know yourself, what you desire, and need nobody else to tell you that. I used to feel bad and sorry for myself for not liking to dance, or not wanting to socialize, or be excited about traveling. Now I understand… I’m not here to dance! I’m not here to socialize! I’m not here to discover the four corners of the world. Then how can we know the answers without others to tell us? Well we have to get still! We have to calm down, meditate, and listen! The answers are there within and there only.

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