Contemplations – Love

  • When you perfect your love, then you have reached enlightenment.
  • Such a blessing when no matter what received, response be love.
  • You can say all you want, but I will never associate/limit love with/to relationships, partnerships, marriage, social norms. For many the current circumstances may make it convenient to lump those together, but we should know they are independent things. And as independent things, they may or may not come together, but they don’t imply one another
  • No matter the circumstance, choose Love, and stay in your Heart chakra. You’re safe and free there always.
  • The love of your life is all the love you’ve felt for all those you have loved. —Yaxx
  • We’re born to love.
  • Why not just live love?
  • If your heart isn’t soft and raw from bruises and breaks, of conditions, how is it ever going to learn to love unconditionally?
  • This is how I know if I’m on the right track along my spiritual path: As I walk along my day, how many total minutes or hours of the day am I looking to show compassion and love to all whom I meet, and how many remaining minutes or hours am I thinking of myself and my wants and problems.
  • “Don’t fall in love. Rise in love,” a friend said. If we find our love is restricting and limiting, including some but excluding others, then it’s missing something, it’s not expansive. There’s ego there.
  • “[O Muhammad,] If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but Allah has united their hearts.” -Quran surah: “Spoils of War”. Love is what binds us together, which is the recognition of God within each one us. When that is seen, we are all so so so much the same than different!
  • When we know and love someone, we continue to communicate and stay connected even if bodies are separated or passed on from this life. Two entangled souls can affect each other deeply, much deeper than the physical level, and send each other positive healing light or downward pulling energy. They thus continue to have a hand in each other’s journey into enlightenment. It doesn’t matter if your body is or isn’t near your loved one. It doesn’t matter if they are alive or not. You can and you should both send to and receive from them powerful positive energy, light and love.
  • Offer yourself fully to serve and love others, resist your ego mind who wants to focus on your problems that all rise from its insisting you are separate and different than others. Embrace your heart who knows you are one with all! In it you will experience your glorious Self.
  • “Love casts all fear.” –Bible, New Testament. Highest powers come with the realization of oneness with all, which is true love. The illusion of separation is the cause of fears.
  • Without human love and without losing your love (doesn’t need to be a physical loss) you won’t know a higher love. If your small cup doesn’t break, you won’t be given a bigger bowl to fill with love! Expand it to the whole universe! Don’t holdback loving, giving your everything. Start with loving your man or woman love of life! See life of ‪‎Rumi.
  • This will come as a shock to many, due to society’s and Hollywood brainwashing, and is sure to piss off many of my friends. But I believe awareness of it is good for young people before the common definitions get engrained in their minds: No marriage is based on love. Marriage’s deepest goals root in the need for family continuity, procreation, protection, preservation, sustenance of species, status, self image, etc. A marriage is an agreement between two individuals. A heathy marriage is based on compatibility on most important “wants”: “I want you and you want me,” “I want children and so do you,” “I want a hippie lifestyle and you too.” But marriage cannot be defined by love: Love at its true sense is the realization that two separate forms are in their essence one. One spirit. It has no relation to gender and sexuality. It has nothing to do with the idea of “I” or “you”: the ego. It’s entirely selfless and unconditional. It operates at a non-physical plane. It never says “I love her and nobody else.” It’s expansive. It embraces all in its love… It so happens that some married couples do share a beautiful real human love, that is selfless and unconditional love, but that is an orthogonal thing and won’t be exclusive. That is, that real love will love a stranger abandoned child just the same.
  • When you really love someone, what is it that you love? her smile? his looks? her curves? touch? his kindness and support? None of these. What you really love is the Soul within her/him and the realization that the same Soul is within you. That’s why real love is always mutual. What you love is the reflection of God inside you both. How can you ever lose that?
  • Have you been in love? Do you know that feeling of being one with your beloved… Now imagine feeling one with all that’s in the universe at the same time. So is bliss and that’s where you and I are headed! Can one ever want more?
  • The moments we’re realizing that we’re all just one, that we’re actually sharing and feeling every laughter and pain every person that we know in our lives is experiencing, everything becomes so simple, so peaceful. Everything becomes okay… Anxiety, jealousy, hate, depression, and all those things seem to wash away so quickly.
  • Align yourself with, become, and radiate the most powerful force in the universe: Love, that is, awareness of oneness with all there is. No power on earth can then touch you.
  • Devotion is the way to Bliss. Love every atom in the universe.
  • My Mother, how sweet you are to me! My Master, how much love you give to me! Say these words until ecstasy comes, from your heart. There isn’t anything else in life that matters. All this play of life is preparation for the moment of ecstasy, when you complete the circle of love back to the Creator, and so you receive and give Her love in an infinite loop.

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