Contemplations – God

  • God is freedom. From it ALL!
  • Mother never ceases to impress. The purpose isn’t to worship what you see, but fall in love with what’s hidden behind what you see.
  • If everyone knew that God is “that which you really want”, there’ll be no agnostics and atheists in the world.
  • Whenever you feel you’re missing or longing for something, somewhere, or someone, instead of letting it become a psychological contractive pattern, quickly remind yourself that it is Divine Mother whom you really want, behind it all. Thus you can turn it into an expansive, consciousness elevating habit. And because you know you can find the presence of Divine Mother inside yourself, you’ll always come out contended and satisfied.
  • Don’t settle for less than Divine Mother. Why waste lifetimes?
  • It’s easier to feel closeness to God than anyone else. Because we ultimately feel oneness with other souls only indirectly, through our and their oneness with God. But with God it’s a direct relationship. It’s like different waves on the ocean. They are related, only through their relation to the ocean. If you feel like you can connect with others but can’t feel that connection with God, it’s not the connection that you need to question, but your definition of God.
  • God, Divine Mother, only wants our heartfelt love. The moment you feel and express that, that very moment you’ll feel her blessing and embracing you! Heaven isn’t a place and time. It’s here and now for you to taste!
  • Make every waking moment and every action an act of worship, in awe and surrender to the universe, to the divine intelligence. Meditation and prayer don’t end when you leave your prayer mat.
  • Human brain is engineered to perceive God, Yogananda has told us. That’s what makes humans the supreme species, not because man can overpower other animals or mess with the nature.
  • We were put in creation’s mystery to finally, after millions of lifetimes, say “God, I won’t be fooled by your creation again! I don’t want anything of this world. I only want You. I only love you, the source of any smaller love.” When this happens truly we are merged back into the Infinite and never again will need to be thrown back here in this world.
  • Divine Mother is patiently waiting for us to merge in her. But she never imposes. She gives us the free will to choose to go straight down this road, or find other distractions.
  • Eight aspects of God: peace, calmness, sound, light, power, wisdom, love, and joy… God is all around you.
  • God is whatever that is bigger than my little ego self.
  • “One must know God to love Him. Then His Peace will come into your hearts.” -Yogananda. And we cannot “know” God by reading a book, believing something we are told by somebody else, following rules interpreted by others, or being born into a religion. If we want to love God we must experience the Infinite in meditation.
  • Divine mother is embracing us now. Do you feel it?
  • Divine mother is waiting for you to call to her with love. The love you will feel back is beyond measure.
  • Don’t ever be shy to go to divine mother at your times of confusion or insecurity. You don’t need to wait until you’re “all clear” or “presentable” until you go and talk to her. She especially loves it when you go to her at times of confusion and perception of smallness, because she knows you’re at your most sincerest! Go and say “divine mother I want to get to X but I have no clue no clue I’m lost I’m overwhelmed I feel alone, will you get me there anyway?” Then just trust her, that’s all we have to do: say I need help, let go and trust. Repeat and you’ll feel the grace very soon!
  • When divine mother comes to you and embraces you, every cell of your body starts buzzing, vibrating with warmth. Overwhelmed from the love you’re receiving, tears of joy start flowing down…
  • A man came to a swami and told him “I don’t believe in God.” Swami asked: “Tell me about this God that you don’t believe in.” He replied: “He is wrathful, judgmental, waiting for us to sin to give us eternal damnation.” Swami said: “I don’t believe in that God either.” The Divine, universe, cosmic consciousness, source, God, whatever you call it, is an omniscient intelligence (of which we are a tiny part of) which knows what exactly is best for each one of us, and is always giving us the experiences we need. Sometimes to our eyes they seem good sometimes bad, but in reality they are neutral and just what we need to advance. This is unconditional love.
  • We tend to think our body is working automatically. The food we eat get digested by itself. It’s not so! Each one of your body cells have consciousness, and consciously choose every second of every day to work for you. They never say “you know, today I’m not going to breathe for you, send oxygen for you!” The relationship between each of your cells and you, is like that between you and God. We may fall into a delusion that we are separate and have our own agenda, but in reality are nothing but one little cell from a whole body that is God. Like your body cells, choose to think of and work for God, your larger reality, every moment of your days.
  • “Spiritual path is 25% your effort, 25% of the effort of your guru on your behalf, and 50% grace of God,” Yogananda said. You may be most sincere and courageous in your seeking, but know that you can never get to the end by only relying on your own effort alone. We cannot ascend to the highest peaks independently! Plus, it’s boring and dry to do things alone!
  • Every sweet moment you’ve lived has been a direct experience of the Divine Mother… It was never the form it manifested in, a person, or a circumstance! Free yourself from the bondage of the forms. Close your eyes, invoke and feel the same sweetness anytime anywhere with Mother. Mother is everywhere, always with you.
  • Everything we receive from another person, both the beautiful and the ugly, is only from God. If it’s sweet, it is only a reflection and reminder of the infinite sweetness of the Divine. If it is ugly, it is only God’s blessing of a lesson we need to learn, a step upward we need to take. Take nothing personally; it is really all God before your eyes! Send everyone you encounter your blessings and goodwill, for you receive nothing but blessings.
  • Do I need a guru? Let your own experience unfolding be the answer to that question. The answer is an individual one, because it depends where on the spiritual journey one is in a lifetime. This surrender we are talking about has an endless depth and one can be at a certain depth for just an instance, all the time, or somewhere in between. There is always more to aspire to. God is infinite. Focus on surrendering to the present and embracing what’s in front of you with joy, and listening for divine guidance. That’s our job. But the teacher, the guru, the guidance, divine experience, the next step, whatever form it might be, that one will be the one choosing us. We don’t need to go looking for it. Also, when we talk about a true guru, we are not talking about a person, a personality, a body. We are talking about a consciousness that has truly released all of that, and has already united with the one consciousness that we call God. So it is not a person we are tuning into, but God, through a unique channel. We can only experience the infinite through a channel that is connected to that.
  • Develop a personal relationship with your Divine Mother. She is nearer to you than anything else, even your thoughts. Why not acknowledge and develop that? Make it two-way. Once developed, it’s the sweetest thing you can have in this world! And always there! If you hear someone saying something is beautiful, affirm to yourself “My Mother is beautiful.” If you hear of sweetness, mentally say “My Mother is sweet.” If you hear of power, “My Mother is powerful.” If someone speaks of heart, affirm with love “My Mother is love.” And so on. Make it a 24/7 practice until your consciousness is never away from our Sweet Mother. Forget “Thou” “Lord” “He” and all that. Why not stick with “My Sweet Mother”? Is not feeling and expressing love to all that She is, the only thing that matters Oneness is not some concept for the mind. It’s a reality to be practiced. To be felt. To be lived.
  • “The time for knowing God has come!” Paramhansa Yogananda said. Can you feel it? We are at the cusp of humanity’s hopping out of God as dogma, rules, and stories, and entering into knowing God as a living presence behind every moment, an inner awareness, a joyful timeless reality just behind the seeming world. Knowing God will no longer remain as a privilege for those who’ve renounced the world and live in the mountains and monasteries. It is coming to the modern way of life and households everywhere around the planet. Don’t be discouraged if the world you see doesn’t seem that way. Those and things who don’t matter are the ones often seen and those and things who do matter are often overlooked.
  • “God is within you,” we often say. But I don’t quite like that, since it implies there is God’s reality inside you, and then there is this entirely other reality which is everywhere else. That’s nonsense. There’s no thing but God. I prefer to say “You are within God.” We are like the fish, swimming in the ocean that is God. And those who forget or deny God, are like fish who forgot that water exist. Think about your creations that you manifest in your dreams. All those people and things in your dream, are you within them, or that they’re just a pigment of you, your consciousness? The first expression, I believe, is short for saying “the way to feel and know God is to go within you.”
  • On the spiritual path, our conception of “finding God” is often distorted. We perceive God as a distant mountain peak and our goal to focus strongly at that target, forget all other desires, and march on until a time in the future when we get there. That’s not it! You see, we are already on the mountain peak with God, in God, and complete; it is only in our thinking ego and emotions that we perceive that we are not. Our job is to truly convince ourselves of that, and let go of all our other thousands of wants and desires, all stemming from our perception that we are not already there! To find God means to realize I want nothing; I am complete at this very present moment!
  • Finding God is not so much a matter of striving, because that implies time and future. Rather, it is a matter of willingness, which can be summoned at this very moment. That is, willingness to let go of the mind’s idea that you are in need of something and incomplete. To drop it all and feel, right this minute, that you are wholly complete in God’s Joy and free of any need or want.

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