Contemplations – Faith

  • The expression “Rest in Peace” (RIP) I feel should be put to rest. It belongs to the dark ages or Kali yuga, where people could not see more than the body. They would be looking at that lifeless corpse, and the best they could wish for the person who had passed on was to sleep peacefully in there. But the person is not there at all. I think the period after death is actually quite an exciting and active time for the soul, expanding in all directions from the newfound freedom and seeking other souls close to that soul; it’s not sleepy time at all! Instead, I prefer to say “Soar in Light”, or “Soar in Peace”, if you will. That’s closer to reality. In general, it’s important to examine every little thing we say or do, as it impacts our consciousness and the consciousness we impart onto others. Are we only unconsciously repeating the things our parents and grandparents said or did, or are we choosing each one from a place of conscious, personal understanding?
  • Surrender to divine plan, letting go of the mind’s insistence that “you need to figure everything out yourself” is so sweet. Everything is coming to you by itself exactly as you need it. Just get out of the way! Let your heart expand to infinity in the present moment, in the safe sweet arms of divine mother.
  • In the arms of divine Mother, we need no fear whatsoever. It’s all warm loving fierce joy 24/7!
  • Keep calm and carry on and do yoga and breathe. As we get old, we start to think it’s me vs. the rest of the world, or us vs them. That I’m alone carrying the heavy burden of surviving in life. But some wake up to the truth that it is ourselves that’s been resisting our growth and expansion into pure joy, that the universe is trying to get us there! So let go of constant separation consciousness, trust, and relax yourself into the arms of divine mother. You’ll sleep better too! It’s sweetest.
  • Accept everything that is. Even accept that you find it hard sometimes to accept. Even accept that you feel heavy and down some days. If you truly accept it all, you are on your way to freedom from moods, to unconditional eternal joy and enlightenment!
  • The Universe has colluded to bring you this present moment. All that’s in front of you. Never think you are alone responsible. So much work beyond your knowing has been done to give you your life at this very moment. Whether seemingly good or seemingly bad it’s exactly what you need to advance in your path… Have faith and be grateful for it. Never think it’s all you! So there isn’t room for doubt nor pride nor blame!
  • “One who surrenders his face (bows the head, releases the ego) to Allah (universal divine intelligence) … then his reward is with his Lord.” -Quran surah Cow. Accept and surrender to what Is. Trust and take refuge in the divine plan rather than resist it… Your glory lies in merging in the universe rather than trying to separate and fight it!
  • Have an open mind and heart. If you believe in science and human knowledge, know that true scientists were those who questioned today’s science, breaking dogmatic beliefs, and said maybe it’s not so, “we don’t know enough,” “it’s much bigger that we can fathom.”
  • Magic is everywhere. Open your heart’s eyes.
  • Discipleship is a practice. It is not for the mind. In your daily activity become the guru. When you see, feel as if you are seeing through the guru’s eyes. When you speak, imagine the guru is speaking through you. When you walk, see your guru walking along your side, strengthening your aura with light energy and power. When you feel, try to feel the emotion through your guru’s heart. How it might change the emotion? Krishna’s soldiers are all like Krishna.
  • All you need to do is to give yourself up. Greatness doesn’t come because you are great. It comes when you give yourself to the great one.

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