Contemplations – Desires

  • Everybody has desires. Many of our biggest desires are so long-awaited and so hard-fought, and never reached, that so lost in their pursuit, we forget the reason why we want them in the first place! Deep desires are indeed there for a reason, and we *should* pursue them. They move us forward. Yet, it’s a good practice to once in a while stop and imagine and feel a point where we have already fulfilled/reached a long-saught desire. How do you see yourself then? Can you see yourself content forever, or you could imagine your mind quickly finding another thing to be unhappy about? Maybe even the desire isn’t as magical as we imagined it to be. Maybe it is… Good to practice imagining having already arrived there in any case!
  • There is nothing wrong with having worldly and sense desires. The great spiritual masters don’t say sex is bad for you, or is a sin to be punished for! Simply that there is a kind of deeper, never ending joy that is infinitely more magnified and fulfilling than sense pleasures. If we focus on and limit the thought that I need the sense pleasures, sex, to make me happy, then we simply shut down the doorways of higher consciousness and miss out on the possibility of perceiving and achieving those higher realms of enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto thee.” -Jesus Christ. The root and source of all your desires is God. In His knowing you’ll receive everything you ever desired.
  • When you experience bliss, the pleasure is so immense, that you’ll automatically lose attachment to sense pleasures. There’s nothing wrong with sensual pleasures. But simply that by affirming your attachment to them, through actions or thoughts, you’ll never reach your bliss.
  • As a child of God, there’s nothing out there that you cannot have. Even if it’s something that’s spiritually not so good for you, if you want it anyway you’ll get it if you’re strong in your desire. So you can demand (Yogananda said to demand not beg to God) to send it to you, and say I do understand the consequences but I still really want it. Send it to me. But a higher way to pray is to say “If it is Your will, send it to me. I want what You want for me.” Either way, if you’re sincere and strong and patient in your asking you will get it…
  • Say it and feel it. I know I can and you can: “My Divine Mother, I want nothing. I want only You. I am complete. I have You now. I want nothing. I am complete. I have You now.”

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