Why I Meditate

I started meditating for the first time only 2 years ago. I think I had heard many times it’s good for you. I think I got especially motivated when I found that a friend whom I admired meditated.

But I would like to tell you why I keep my daily routine of meditation.

You see, after I had picked up meditation for a while, I started noticing things about myself more. One of the things I observed was that I seemed to operate on two different states of mind; let’s call them A and B. I give you some examples.

When I was in the state of A, I felt love for my friend, whom I no longer was in touch with. I felt her love right back. It was uplifting. At other times, when I was in B, I felt alone. I kept asking why do I keep her in my mind, while she probably never thinks of me, probably hanging out with her new friends now. It didn’t feel good!

How could the same reality sometimes feel so good and other times so lousy?

Another example. When I was in B, and somebody told me and did to me something mean, I wanted to react and get back at them. In A, I quickly remembered that I have done something like that myself, and the other person is just doing his/her best, as I am. I felt compassion, not upset or anger.

In general, in a state of B I felt small, and separate. I felt it’s me vs. the whole world. I’m alone and it’s all on my shoulders to figure everything out and survive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. I would wake up and only see what’s wrong everywhere. I only saw problems.

At other times I saw myself flying in the blue skies of the A state of mind. I felt more than a body. I felt big, part of one large reality, all connected, all one in essence. Everywhere I looked I saw solutions, aspirations. I surprised myself to see the power that can flow through me. Not only I saw myself rising, but the ability to be an inspiration to others.

I started noticing, when I meditate regularly, during my days, I stay a bit longer in the state of A, and a bit less in B. Sometimes the difference could be hours more in A. Anyway, that’s why I keep my meditation practice going. It’s really for the benefits I see off my meditation cushion, not during meditation.

Later on, I learned that there are names for these states of the mind.

B = ego-consciousness, that is to identify oneself as just a body and mind and separate from anything else. It’s associated with the limbic part of the brain (flight or fight, reactive) as well as the analytic part.

A = super-consciousness, which is associated with the prefrontal lobe part of the brain (behind forehead). It’s the center of creativity, joy, empathy. The yogic science says it’s the center where we connect to our higher Self. Research has shown the practice of meditation actually increases the neural activity in this center of the brain.

It feels so good to be in super-consciousness! It feels really bad when I’m in ego-consciousness!

Here is an affirmation I came up with to remind myself that it’s really my choice to spend my minutes, hours, days, and life in super-consciousness, or in ego-consciousness:

When I see myself diving into the heavy waters of ego-consciousness, immediately then, I will joyfully rise back into the vast blue skies of super consciousness.

When repeating the affirmation, focus your gaze behind closed eyes gently upward, connecting with the center of super-consciousness.

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